Vortex Venom 3 MOA vs. Vortex Venom 6 MOA – What is the difference between the two?


The Vortex Venom 3 MOA and Vortex Venom 6 MOA are almost identical where physical build and dimensions are involved. The only difference between the two lies in the dot size. So, what does this mean for performance?

Whenever I am picking a scope for regular use, one of the largest considerations, apart from lens type and durability, is the scope’s red dot size. What you ought to know is that dot size is measured in MOA. This acronym stands for minutes of angle, and it refers to the size of a dot, and how much area it covers from a particular distance.

The choice of dot is largely determined by the kind of activity you intend to participate in. a small red dot covers a smaller area on the target, and the larger it gets, the larger the area it covers. While a larger dot may seem like a better option, small and large dots become of advantage in different scenarios.

In the case of the Vortex Venom 3 MOA red dot, it covers an area of 3 inches on the target over a range of 100 yards. Its counterpart, the Vortex Venom 6 MOA, covers an area of 6 inches on the target from a distance of 100 yards. So, what does this mean for performance? 

Vortex Venom 3MOA Application

As earlier mentioned, a smaller red dot covers a smaller area on the target. This makes it more ideal for use when most of your targets are still, or when they are moving at low speeds. In the case of the Vortex Venom 3MOA, it would be more at home in a shooting range where the targets are still. This dot size makes for extremely accurate shots, making it also great for long range shooting. Bear in mind, however, that a 3 MOA red dot is considered mid-size, making it ideal for both long and short range shooting, and placing it in a position to perform on in-motion and still targets.

Vortex Venom 6 MOA Application

This red dot sizecovers a considerably large area on the target, measuring 6 inches across over a distance of 100 yards. When shooting over a short range on a still target, it gets difficult to make as precise a shot as you would with a smaller red dot.

However, this dot size comes in handy when you are dealing with moving targets such as birds and wild pigs. A large red dot will allow you to pick your target within a split second and shoot without losing your aim easily. This characteristic makes it more preferable to hunters who often times have to contend with fast targets. 

Summary of Vortex Venom 3 MOA and Vortex Venom 6 MOA specs

Vortex Optics Venom 3 MOA
Vortex Venom 6 MOA
1.9 inches
1.9 inches
Mounting Type
Weaver, Picatinny
Weaver, Picatinny
Dot Color
Bright red
Bright red
Battery Life
150 – 30,000 Hours
150 – 30,000 Hours

So, which one of them is the better red dot?

The Vortex Venom 3 MOA makes a more versatile and practical dot size for both short and long ranges, and it also works well for both moving and still targets. This characteristic makes it a better scope than the Vortex Venom 6 MOA red dot.


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