Vortex Venom vs Burris Fast fire III– An Indepth Sights Comparison Guide


Are you interested in a scope that will provide you with a faster level of target acquisition or an easier way to cover a shot over 100 yards as well as an upper hand? Then you need to include red dot reticles on your pistol.  

Several top-rated pistol accessory manufacturers provide users with extraordinary sights suitable for all types of shooting exercises. All shooters need to make use of an effective and reliable scope that will serve them well on a number of hunting and range applications. One of the most ideal models is the Burris AR-300234 Fastfire III. Another popular model is the Venom. Both of these models perform exceptionally well and they both come with different features and advantages.

What are the Differences Between the Venom and the Burris Fastfire

Vortex Venom
Burris Fastfire III
The Design
This reticle is designed with a rugged aluminum coating. It is low profile providing users with a sight picture and a wide field of view. For quick target acquisition and shooting transitions you do not have to deal with any kind of obstruction.
It is compact and light weight. You can modify this sight to 3 different levels for brightness. It is designed with a brightness adjustment feature that is automatic.


Inches – 1.9
Inches – 1.9
1.1 ounces
1.5 ounces
Objective Lens Diameter
Weather Resistant
Eye Relief
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The Vortex Venom vs Burris Fastfire – How do they Compare? 

Size of the Reticle 

Both the Venom and the Fastfire optics are designed with two different reticle sizes. The Venom optic comes with a 3 and 6 MOA. Fastfire optic is designed with a 3 MOA as well as an 8 MOA. The 3 MOA options have a very small difference that is not noticeable. The 6 MOA and the 8 MOA have a noticeable difference.

This makes the finer dot favorable. The quick acquisition of any target that is in motion with a than pistol has always been a problem. The optic with a 6 MOA option is a better option for any shooter working with tactical applications. The Venom model provides you with a clearer target acquisition alternative when compared to the Fastfire that has an 8 MOA that is much clumsier.

Weight and the Size 

The Fastfire and the Venom are both light-in-weight. The weight difference is only 0.4 oz which are very negligible. However, experts and trained professionals always mention that each 0.1 oz will influence a shot. The Fastfire model is heavier because it is mounted on Picatinny rails. For an optimal level of applicability, Fastfire must be mounted on the rails. Both of these sights measure 1.9’’. When it comes to the weight the Venom is a better option than the heavier Fastfire model. 

Image Quality 

The Fastfire is one of the pioneer models with a large number of shooters raving over the great image quality. The Vortex model is still very new in the market and it has managed to challenge the FastFire. Both of these sights have a similar level of clarity when it comes to the image.

The lens of the Firstfire measures 21 x 15mm. The diameter of the Vortex Venom’s lens measures 26.5mm. This proves that the FOV for the Venom is much larger and because of these features, the Venom is a better choice than the Fastfire model.

Control of the Illumination 

The Fastfire model is designed with an automatic brightness control feature and 3 levels of manual brightness levels. This fulfills the primary requirements that this kind of model should have. It also ensures that it can adapt to your environment. Vortex Venom model is designed with 10 brightness levels as well as an illumination control. The amazing features on the Venom sight prove that it is a better option when it comes to illumination control. 

Windage and Elevation

The Venom model was specifically designed to outdo the Fastfire because it perfectly achieves this. The Fastfire provides you with a 115 MOA elevation range as well as a 86 MOA of windage range. When using the Venom model, you get to make use of a 130 MOA elevation range as well as a 100 MOA windage range. Therefore, when it comes to windage and elevation the Venom model is the best choice.

Venom vs Fast fire – A Comparison Overview

 Vortex Red Dot 

This model is one of the best in the market because it is affordable yet very accurate and functional sight is perfectly detailed. There are two variants available with this model. There is the 3 MOA as well as 6 MOA. 3 MOA is finer and is a lot more flexible when compared to 6 MOA. With this 3 MOA model, users are a lot more accurate. It is a great option where speed and accuracy are required.

Vortex Venom is manufactured from CNC and aluminum. It is a very strong model. The lens is of very high quality and is multi-coated providing you with a wide view and a clear vision. You can easily replace the battery cell of this model.

Intensity controls, the power and the dot are placed on the left side. This model is manufactured from CNC and aluminum making it a very strong model. The lens is of very high quality and is multi-coated providing you with a wide-field view and a clear vision. You can easily change the battery cell of this model.


  • Provides you with a very wide lens
  • It is compact and light in weight
  • Lens coating is ultra-hard and resistant to scratch.


  • The body is much larger
  • Makes use of a CR 1632 model battery that is not commonly found.

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Burris Fastfire III

This model has two different options. It includes the 3 MOA that is much finer and the 8 MOA that is larger. Both of these models can be mounted on Picatinny rails. The 3 MOA option is very accurate. It comes with sensors to increase the brightness. These sensors are automatic and users get to make use of brightness settings.

Fastfire III batteries are placed in the top area. Replacing the batteries is very easy and you do not have to remove the sight. This 8 MOA model is specifically used for handguns as it enhances accuracy. The 3 MOA option is ideal for both rifles and guns. These dots are very specific for firing at targets that are at a distance.


  • Bright dot works well for quick acquisition of your target
  • It is compact and light in weight
  • Resistant to external factors such as water and shock.


  • The 8 MOA option is not the best
  • Makes use of the CR1632 type of batteries that are not easily available.

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Needless to say, both of these models perform exceptionally well. The Fastfire model has been in the industry for a very long time and while the Venom is still considered a newbie in the industry, it is still one of the best models providing users with an array of great features and functions

Verdict: So, which one is better – Fastfire Red Dot Model or the Venom?

The comparison brings out The Vortex Optics Venom as the winner. This optic performs better than the Fastfire in all the basic aspects. The battery life is much longer and the adjustability is simpler. The brightness control is also flexible and to conserve the battery life, there is the shutdown feature that is automatic. This is a great feature provided by the Venom industry.


  1. Is the Vortex Venom a good model?

This reticle has an amazing pistol optic. The red dot features are excellent. The installation process is easy. The adjustments are inherent and users can easily replace the battery without having to remove the red dot from the pistol.

  1. What is a better option, the 3 MOA or the 6 MOA?

If you are firing at a target set at 50 yards, a 3 MOA dot will be able to cover a circle of 1.6 inches, while a 6 MOA dot will cover a circle of 3.2 inches. A much smaller dot will provide you with more accuracy but it is so much easier to pick up a larger dot and quickly fire at a target.


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