Vortex Viper vs Strike Eagle – Which is Ideal for Pro Level Shooters?

Vortex Viper vs Strike Eagle

 Are you an experienced shooter? What are the most important aspects that you look for in a riflescope? Comparing the Vortex Viper to the Strike Eagle, we attempt to find the better riflescope that is ideal for Pro-level shooters.

Hello, my name is Jameson.Now, well into my golden years, I retired from hunting and shooting competitions. However, back in the day, I was quite the marksman.Because of this, I have somewhat of a large following of new to intermediary shooters who regularly message me for tips on tricks and equipment to use with their rifle of choice.

As a pro level shooter, I know that for the best aim and target tracking, you need a reliable riflescope. So,my best advice is to focus on magnification, quality reticle, illuminated optics with good eye relief, multiple and convenient adjustments and strong full proof build on a reasonably weighted riflescope.

Based on these standards, let’s see how the Vortex Viper and Strike Eagle measure up.

What are the differences between Vortex Viper vs Strike Eagle?

Vortex Viper
Strike Eagle
Dead-Hold BDC
Objective Lens Diameter
Field of View
@2x 14 meters at 100 m
@1x 38.8m at 100 m
Exit Pupil Diameter
@2x 16mm
@1x 24mm
Eye Relief
Not illuminated

Vortex Viper vs Strike Eagle – How do they compare?


The Vortex Crossfire scope is well built and suited for medium to close-range hunting given their 2-7x magnification while the Strike eagle is ideal for all scenarios from point-blank to extended ranges using their true 1-6x magnification power.

Eye relief on the Vortex Crossfire is quite long at 99.1mm compared to Strike Eagle which comes in at 89mm. This means that Crossfire is more comfortable and accommodating to spectacled shooters plus it gives you clearer images through the lens allowing for quick target acquisition.

The Crossfire features a larger objective lens than the Strike Eagle (32mm vs 24mm), this gives it more capacity for light gathering and thus a better scope in low light conditions. 


The reticle on the Crossfire model is the V-Plex type which is adaptable to a wide range of hunting applications for use on your scout rifle. This type is not illuminated and features three hash marks. It is capable of holding zero even with a change in magnification.

For Strike Eagle, the reticle is the illuminated Bullet Drop Compensator3 type with six hash marks. With a true 1x on the low end, it adapts to many scenarios and with the horse-shoe engrained markings, helps the shooter’s eye to focus on the target faster.

Strike Eagle’s illuminated reticle with engrained markings is better than the Crossfire’s holding zero capacity.

MOA Travel

The total travel on Vortex Crossfire is quite short at 60MOA with ¼ MOA per rotation while on the Strike Eagle, it stands at 140MOA with ½ MOA per rotation. This gives the shooter more room for adjustments and tweaking which further enhances the scope’s performance.

Both scopes have a parallax setting fixed at 100 yards which means that the point of aim stays the same while shooting at a target 100 yards away regardless of your eye’s position or movement.

Strike Eagle offers more travel with adjustable 140MOA which is better compared to Crossfire’s non-adjustable 60MOA.


Turrets on the Crossfire scope are audible enough and they have some positive motion to them, however, compared to Strike Eagle’s tactile turrets their performance may not have the satisfactory clicks as many would appreciate.

Also, while the turrets on the Crossfire can be adjusted personally by hand, those on Strike Eagle require a special tool and the assistance of an expert. Another thing to note is that Crossfire lacks a parallax adjustment knob which Strike Eagle scope has.

Strike eagle has better turrets with tactile knobs compared to the softer knobs offered by Crossfire riflescope. 

Vortex Viper vs Strike Eagle – A Comparison Overview 

Vortex Viper Review

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7x32 Scout, Second Focal Plane, 1-inch Tube Riflescope - V-Plex Reticle
  • The 2-7x32 Crossfire II Scout Riflescope is perfect for Use on your Scout rifle, The V-Plex reticle is a...
  • With 9. 45" of eye relief and an ultra-forgiving eye box, you'll be able to quickly get a sight picture...
  • Anti-reflective, fully multi-coated lenses provide bright and clear views for the user
  • Capped reset turrets are finger adjustable with MOA clicks that can be reset to zero after sighting in

This is a 30mm tube that is anodized with 6-24 power with a 50mm objective lens. It offers 4-inches of eye relief which is handy when shooting high-caliber rounds because it keeps it away from your eye.

On the side, a parallax adjustment knobs are going from 50 to infinity manipulated by semi-tactical turrets that are long and feature good grip gnarling. Their height allows you to watch the hash marks. It has a fiber optic to enable you to easily return to zero.

The reticle is the second focal plane which maintains its size as you progress through the magnification range. The turrets are capless and very flat top which makes it easy to level out the scope.


  • Finger-adjustable turrets
  • CRS zero stop
  • VMR reticle
  • Quality resolution and color


  • Some distortion at 6x

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Strike Eagle Review 

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-6x24 Second Focal Plane Riflescope - BDC3 Reticle (MOA), Black
  • The updated Strike Eagle 1-6x24 is defined by speed and versatility. A true 1x on the low end adapts to a...
  • The magnification ring has been updated and now includes a thread-in throw lever, and the magnification...
  • The new illuminated BDC3 reticle focuses the shooter's eye to the target faster and holdovers allow for...
  • The fast focus dial on the eyepiece allows for quick and easy reticle focusing. Anti-reflective coatings...

Strike eagle has an illuminated reticle with a bullet drop compensator built-in. Citing is 20 yards to 600 hash marks. Through the scope, you should see the horseshoe effect around the hash marks. The illumination comes up with a bright red which is ideal for low light conditions.

There are 11 different settings which give you a lot of different adjustment capabilities. It has a 30mm tube for more light transmission with true one power and to adjust this magnification, you can turn the focus knob anywhere between 1 to 6x.

Caps cover the windage and elevation and they can be manipulated by hand instead of using a tool. It is tactile and it is at ½ MOA going up to 140 adjustments both ways. There is a spare battery in the windage cap which is very convenient.


  • Illuminated reticle
  • 11 different settings
  • Spare battery
  • Second Focal Plane scope


  • Mount not provided

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Vortex Viper is a well-designed riflescope packed with exciting and helpful features that enrich a hunter’s experience in the range. The VMR reticle and CRS Zero Stop functions make it easier to use than most scopes in this range.

Strike Eagle riflescope also spots significant benefits with adjustments super simplified and conveniently placed to make their performance faster and more accurately effective.

Final Verdict: So, which is better? Vortex Viper or Strike Eagle?

Overall, the Strike Eagle scope is better than Vortex Viper. This is true because added features such as an illuminated reticle, tactile turrets with 11 different levels of adjustments available and the spare battery that keeps your scope on for long hours, make this unit very versatile.

The Strike Eagle is the perfect unit for mid-level to pro shooters looking for convenient and quick adjustments on the fly.


What type of scope rings should I buy for my Vortex Viper scope?

Vortex branded rings are the best choice for the Viper scope because you are guaranteeing a hassle-free connection. Select based on the type of rifle you are working with, the clearance between the bottom of the scope and upper rifle.

Is the Strike Eagle Scope .308 win caliber rated?

Yes, absolutely. However, you will have to use a tactical mount to stop the scope from sliding in the rings but even after several hundred rounds, the scope holds zero fine and the .308 caliber will never damage it.


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