Vx2 vs. Vx3 – Which offers better glass clarity?

Vx2 vs. Vx3

Having a riflescope is your guarantee that you do not waste your shots because you cannot see. However, finding the right scope isn’t straightforward. A lot goes into identifying the right scope

Using a riflescope gives you precision and accuracy. It also eliminates erroneous shots if you are shooting for game in a protected area. Scopes give you the capacity to shoot under low conditions –especially when they come armed with illuminated reticles.

When it comes to identifying the right scope the brand name will play a big role. Brands like Leupold have built a solid reputation that goes back several decades. The Vx2 and Vx3 are some of the more popular models in their line of scopes and in this review we tell you which is better.

What are the differences between the Vx2 and Vx3?

3-10X (the Vx3i has a better glass quality due to the fact that it is modern and has been made with the latest technologies in mind)
Objective diameter lens
Duplex, wide duplex, Leupold dot, LR Duplex, German #4
Eye Relief
Field of view
29.8-11 feet/100 yards
34.6-14.6 feet/100 yards
14.7 oz.
11.2 oz.
Parallax setting
Fixed at 150 yards

Vx2 vs. Vx3 – How do they compare?


The first noticeable difference between these two scopes is that the Vx2 comes with a 40mm objective lens while the Vx3 spots a larger 50mm lens. While the objective lens diameter in both scopes is larger than what is standard, you still can mount the scopes on most rifles with standard height rings. The VX2 elevation and Windage can be adjusted through finger adjustable dials and the duplex reticle makes for easy target acquisition in various conditions. The VX2 is mostly a mid-priced entry-level scope ideal for most hunting conditions. The Vx3 is more rugged and the massive 50mm objective lens allows maximum light transmission. The Vx3 glass is slightly better than that on the Vx2. The lens comes with high-end coatings that offer great visibility under low light conditions. The Vx3 is the ultimate long range hunting scope and is rugged enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.


The Vx2 comes with a standard duplex reticle but you have the option of choosing from four other reticles: wide duplex, Leupold dot, LR duplex, and German #4. The duplex offers nice and clear images even though it is not illuminated. You can use the duplex for 50 to 200 yards purposes. The Vx2 does not come with parallax settings and you have to make do with the 150 yards factory settings. The Vx3i uses a simple duplex reticle but you also have the option of the Boone & crocket and wind-plex. The icing on the cake for the Vx3i is its twilight max light management system that ensures the scope eliminates up to 85% more stray light for maximum image visibility. The Vx3i has an edge over the Vx2 in terms of glass quality and clarity.

Vx2 vs. Vx3 – A Comparison Overview

Vx2 – Overview

Leupold VX-2 4-12x40mm Compact Waterproof Fogproof Riflescope, Duplex Reticle, Matte Finish, Black (114396)
  • Quick and easy parallax adjustment in the field
  • 1/4 MOA precision finger click adjustments for windage and elevation
  • Absolute waterproof and fogproof integrity
  • Brightness, clarity, and contrast needed to hunt in any weather conditions

The Leupold Vx2 is an all-round, budget friendly scope. It comes with a larger 40mm objective lens ideal for maximum light transmission. It is fully coated and works with most standard height rings. The scope is also fog-proof, weatherproof, and shockproof. The Vx2 features finger adjustable dials for Windage and elevation adjustment. It also features a duplex reticle that is ideal for quick and easy target acquisition even under low light conditions.

The Leupold Vx2 is marketed in varying magnification types. You have 1-4X20 all the way to 6-18X40. The Vx2 can handle a variety of rifle recoil even a .44 magnum lever action. However, you have to get the right rings for your scope. The Leupold Vx2 3-9X40 is a lightweight scope at 11.2 ounces; this makes it an ideal scope for a variety of hunting conditions. The eye relief is reasonable at between 4.2 to 3.7 inches with a field of view of 34.6 to 14.6 feet per 100 yards.

The scope is clear and nice to use; however, it is not illuminated but you still can view objects at low light conditions. The Vx2 is available with five reticles: duplex (cheapest), wide duplex, Leupold dot, LR duplex and the German #4. The Vx2 does not have parallax setting and you will need to get accustomed to the 150 yards factory settings. The Windage and elevation turrets are set at 52 MOAs. To prevent unintentional adjustments they are adorned with aluminum caps.


  • Reticles produce crisp and clear images
  • Durable aluminum frame construction
  • Lightweight hence making it ideal for varying hunting conditions
  • Accurate turret adjustments
  • Decent visibility in low light conditions


Not great for shooting over 400 yards and reticle not illuminated

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Vx3 – Overview

Leupold VX-3i 3.5-10x50mm Riflescope
  • Model #170684 - VX-3i 3.5-10x50mm with Duplex reticle and Matte finish
  • 100% Waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof.
  • DiamondCoat 2 - Ion-assist lens coating for higher light transmission and the greatest level of abrasion...
  • Precision 1/4 MOA finger click adjustments for windage and elevation offer absolute repeatability and...

The Leupold Vx3i is a rugged scope with a massive 50mm objective lens that ensures maximum light transmission. The scopes lenses are multi-coated with a special scratch resistant diamondcoat. The Vx3i is available in various magnifications: 3.5-10X, 4.5-14X and 6.5-20X. The 3.5-10X features CDS, side focus and wind plex. It is quite heavy at 15.6 oz. However, you do get 113 MOA of elevation adjustment from the 30mm tube. The field of view is also good at 11 feet for the 3.5-10X magnification. This will come in handy when you are hunting for prey as you have wider terrain to located moving targets.

The Vx3i is made from aircraft grade aluminum that promises a lifetime of incredible performance. You also get precision ¼ MOA finger click adjustments for your elevation and Windage. The image quality for the scope is quite good considering how large the objective lens is. The eye relief is a generous 3.6 inches which is quite good. You also get fast focus to help you adjust for various variable ranges.

The coatings on the Vx3i are more superior to other scopes due to Leupold Twilight lens system. Here you get clear target images no matter the lighting conditions. With a glare management system you get up to 20 minutes of extra shooting.


  • Twilight Max light system
  • SFP reticle
  • Specially coated lenses for maximum light transmission
  • Precision ¼ MOA finger click adjustments
  • Made from durable aircraft grade aluminum
  • Generous eye relief


  • Is a bit heavy

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Verdict: So, which is better – Vx2 or Vx3?

If you are looking on doing some long range shooting then the Leupold Vx3i has a clear edge over the Vx2. It features a massive 50mm objective lens with high magnification power ideal for long range shooting. The field of view is larger and the eye relief generous. Image clarity in the Vx3i has been greatly enhanced by its use of Leupold proprietary Twilight Max light management system that ensures the scope eliminates more stray light than usual. You also get diamond coat 2 finish that is way better than the multi-coatings you find in most scopes.


How well does the VX2 handle glare?

The VX2 comes equipped with a diamondcoat lens coating and Leupold proprietary Index matched lens system than ensures reduced glare and maximum light transmission.

Should I purchase the Vx3 or Vx3i?

The Vx3i is an improvement from its predecessor the Vx3. It comes with better glass clarity courtesy of its use of Leupold max light system. This ensures you get 20% more shooting time after dawn. The scopes has also been tested to withstand a lot of droppings and can handle recoil force from very powerful rifles.

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