Vx3 vs. Vx3i – Which offers good value for money

Vx3 vs. Vx3i

Scopes keep changing as technology advances. It is challenging to keep up to date with all these developments. In this review, we compare the new Leupold VX3i to its predecessor the VX3

Scopes have undergone a lot of transformation from the civil war era. They are now lighter and the higher magnification means you can use it for a variety of ranges. Scopes also keep changing to take advantage of technological advances and this means your old scope is soon replaced by a newer model.

The Leupold VX3 was a good scope that got an upgrade in the Vx3i. In this review, we examine the two scopes and tell you whether the new scope offers good value for money.

What are the differences between the Vx3 and Vx3i?

3.5-10X (the VX3i offers multiple reticle options ideal for varying conditions. You have the super-efficientBoone and Crocket ballistic reticle that also offers excellent glass quality. The other option is the duplex reticle that is simple to use)
Objective diameter
Eye Relief
3.7 to 4.4 inches
4.4 to 3.6 inches
Field of view
21.7 to 8.2 feet/100 yards
29.8-11 feet/100 yards
15 oz.
12.7 oz.

Vx3 vs. Vx3i – How do they compare


When it comes to design the Vx3 and Vx3i are almost similar. You have the same length size and common generous eye relief of 4.4 to 3.6 inches. The Vx3i however, has a more clearer glass and the field of view is wider than that of the Vx3 – 29.8 to 11 feet/100 yards compared to 21.7 to 8.2 feet/100 yards. Leupold scopes are designed to withstand maximum impact when dropped. This means the company has taken them through numerous tests including surviving up to 5,000 impacts on the punisher. The scope can also withstand a lot of recoil including from a .308 rifle. The scopes also have scratch resistant lenses that increase to the durability of the scope. In this section, both scopes are almost similar in design with the VX3i coming with more advanced coatings.


The Leupold vx3i comes with Boone & Crocket reticle that is slightly better than what you have in the Vx3. The Vx3i comes with a rear focal plane reticle that ensure you can see the target even under high power. To help protect the lens it comes with a bikini style lens cover. The VX3i comes with precision finger clicks for Windage and elevation adjustment turrets. Audible responses help prevent the scope from locking. The VX3i scope tube is coated with a more superior diamond coat 3 finish that offers better protection against glare. This is better than the more commonly used multi-coating found in most standard scopes. The VX3i multiple reticle options makes the scope more versatile as users have more options before them. The duplex reticle is simple to use as it does not have complex holdover points.

Vx3 vs. Vx3i – A Comparison Overview

Vx3 – Overview

The Leupold Vx3 is a great scope with amazing glass quality. The exterior surfaces are coated with diamondcoat 2 that ensures maximum light transmission. The Vx3 offers a generous eye relief of 3.7 to 4.4 inches this gives you a good head position and a full crisp/clear image that fills your eye piece. The edges of the scope are blackened and this helps reduce light diffusion.

The Leupold Vx3 is made from aircraft grade aluminum that makes it very durable. The Leupold twin bias spring is known to exert up to 30% force on the erector than other comparable models. This system completely eliminates erector system backlash. You can use the Vx3 for a variety of situations due to its 3:1 zoom. The scope is also weatherproof and fog proof hence making it versatile enough for a wide range of applications.

The Vx3 also uses an extended twilight lens system that maximizes light transmission and this helps you see in low light conditions. To protect your lenses the scope has functional bikini style lens covers.


  • Exterior coatings with diamondcoat for maximum light transmission
  • Generous eye relief
  • Blackened lens edges for light diffusion
  • Twin bias spring is capable of exerting more than 30% of holding force on the erector
  • Fog proof and waterproof
  • Durable 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum
  • Durable lens covers


  • Not suitable for long range shooting

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Vx3i – Overview

Leupold VX-3i 3.5-10x40mm Rifle Scope
  • Model #170680 - VX-3i 3. 5-10x40mm with Duplex reticle and Matte finish
  • 100% Waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof.
  • DiamondCoat 2 - Ion-assist lens coating for higher light transmission and the greatest level of abrasion...
  • Precision 1/4 MOA finger click adjustments for windage and elevation offer absolute repeatability and...

The Leupold Vx3i is an ideal scope for long range shooting due to its amazing glass quality and Boone and Crocket ballistic reticle. For maximum light transmission it comes with the Leupold Twilight max light management system. You can order the Vx3i in a variety of reticle types including

The Vx3i is quite similar to the old Leupold mark 4 scopes with the key difference been the resolution. The new scope has better coatings which work fine to reduce glare and maximize light transmission. Some of the changes made to the scope include custom dial system for the dial. You can also create custom turrets through Leupold CDS system.

The VX3i also comes with a duplex reticle which the manufacturers sometimes refer to as the rear. It is located on the second focal plane. The duplex reticle is simple to operate as it lacks some of the complicated holdover points you find in most scopes.

To enhance visibility and light transmission the scope is equipped with a diamond coat 2 finish. This finish is way better than the standard multi-coatings that you find being advertised in most scopes in the market. To complement this coatings is the twilight max system. This ensures it eliminates 85% more stray light. You also get an extra 20 minutes of shooting courtesy of this features. The fact that you can switch between the 3X and 10X magnification is a plus for those who do both short and long term shooting.


  • High magnification enables one to hunt in various scenarios
  • Twilight max lighting system ensures you get 20 extra minutes for shooting
  • Multiple reticle options including the simple duplex reticle
  • Diamond coat finish to eliminate glare
  • Wide field of view ideal for long range shooting
  • Precision finger clicks for elevation and Windage adjustments


  • A bit pricier

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Verdict: So, which better – Vx3 or Vx3i?

Our winner is the Leupold Vx3i. Firstly, it is an upgrade to the VX3, meaning you benefit from various technological advancements. One is that you get better glass quality due to the use of the Boone and Crocket ballistic reticle. You also have the option to go with the duplex reticle which is simpler to use as it does not come with complex holdover points. The VX3i uses the twilight max light management system that eliminates up to 85% of stray light. You also get extra 20 minutes of shooting. The diamond coat 2 is way better than the commonly used multi-coat finishing in most scopes.


Is the VX3i reticle good for long distance shooting?

The scope comes with the duplex reticle that is sometimes referred the rear reticle; this is because it has a second focal plane. While the reticle is simple to use it does pose some problems for distant shots as you do not have comprehensive holdover points

Where can use the VX3?

The VX3 is ideal for hunting, tactical, general target shooting and plinking. The objective lens diameter is large hence making it good for light transmission.

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