Vxr vs. Vx3 – Which offers superior hunting performance?

Vxr vs. Vx3

Vxr vs. Vx3 – Which offers superior hunting performance?

When you are searching for the right scope for your rifle then you need to consider quality over price. The scope market is very diverse with products from across the globe. Leupold is one brand that guarantees you superior product performance at all levels

When the weekend checks in you want to maximize it doing something you love. Hunting can be such a hobby. But, your exploits can be cut shot if you keep missing shots because you bought the wrong scope. Having a dependable and accurate scope can save you a lot of time and make your hunting pursuits more pleasurable.

Leupold is a well-known brand in the optics market. For decades, the brand has built a reputation of producing high quality scopes that are well received in the market. In this review, we compare the Leupold Vxr and the Vx3 and tell you which is the best.

What are the differences between the Vxr and Vx3?

3.5 -10X
Main tube diameter
1 inch
Eye Relief
3.6 – 4.4”
Field of View
33.6-13.6 feet/100 yards
29.8 to 11 feet/100 yards
15.3 oz. ( the Vxr is a heavier scope largely due to its large 30mm tube)
12.6 oz.
Variable-power illuminated reticle riflescope (the Vxr optically illuminated center dot is what differentiates this scope from those using the duplex reticle)
Variable power riflescope

Vxr vs. Vx3 – How do they differ?


One of the key difference between these scopes is the tube diameter. The Leupold Vxr comes with a with a larger diameter tube measuring 30mm which is better than the common 1 inch diameter used in the Vx3. This enables the scope to offer a wider range of adjustment (60 MOA). It also gives the scope more room for the illuminated reticle but also makes the scope heavier and tougher. The Vx3i uses a second focal plane with a duplex or boone& crocket reticle. The Vx3 benefits from use of modern technological improvements which causes it to have offer better glass quality.


The Leupold Vxr series use an exclusive hog-centric illuminated reticle. Here instead of having fully illuminated reticle, you get a fiber optically illuminated dot that is located at the center of the reticle. This dot is meant to center you vision so that you can make better shot placements and easier target acquisition. The Leupold Vx3i features a duplex reticle with a second focal plane. This makes the reticle very simple to operate. When it comes to which reticle is better, the Vxr is our winner due to its optically illuminated center dot that helps make accurate shots.

Vxr vs. Vx3 – A comparison overview

Vxr – Overview

Leupold Vxrhas been known for decades for producing high quality scopes. The Leupold Vxr comes with the same multi-coated lead free lens that is also in the Vx3. The images on the Vxr are crystal clear and this enables one to use the scope in a variety of conditions. For maximum light transmission and retention the scope has Leupold proprietary Index matched lens system. On the scopes exterior, you have a special diamondcoat that is applied through ionization. This makes the scope scratch and wear resistant.

Unlike the commonly used 1 inch tubes used in most scopes, the Vxr comes with a 30mm diameter tube. This large diameter tube has the benefit of offering a wider range of adjustment (60 MOA). Thought it does make the scope heavier. You can get a Leupold scope in a variety of reticle options: circle-dot, ballistic, post-style and the hog centric “pig plex”. The latter is mostly found in the Vxr series. Most of the earlier scopes from Leupold actually use a duplex reticle. The benefit of this reticle is that it is very easy to use and comes with a second focus plane.

In the Leupold Vxr the reticle is not fully lit but you get a special fiber optically illuminated center dot. This lighted dot is meant to center your vision for easier target acquisition. You get eight illumination levels ideal for a variety of conditions. You can adjust them through a long depress of a button. The best part is you do not need to worry about the illumination draining your battery as it turns off the fire-dot reticle depending on the light conditions. This is courtesy of an internal motion sensor. The sensor will turn on the pre-selected intensity level once you move again.


  • Durable aircraft grade aluminum tube
  • Argon purged to make it fog proof
  • Large 30mm main tube for maximum light transmission
  • Fiber optically illuminated dot for easier target acquisition


  • A bit heavier

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Vx3 – Overview

The Leupold Vx3i is a great improvement from the Vx3. It offers more crisp and sharp images courtesy of its Boone & Crocket ballistic reticle. The reticle is positioned on the second focal plane which makes for enhanced visibility for far away objects. The reticle has diamond coat finishing that enable maximum light transmission. You also get Leupold twilight max light management system that eliminates up to 85% stray light. It also provides 20 minutes of shooting before dusk and after dawn.

The scope also comes with anti-reflective lens coatings that enhance the scopes brightness. This difference can be seen when you take use your scope under bright sunlight. There is deeper saturation than what you got in the Vx3. The field of view is great at 29.8 feet on the 3X magnification and 11 feet when you switch to the 10X power.

The elevation and Windage adjustments are turned through precision finger clicks. You can hear audible clicks whenever adjust the turrets. The turrets are responsive and easy to operate. However, the scope does not come with parallax adjustment. The scope is versatile enough when it comes to mounting and you can do this on a variety of rifles. The eye relief is a generous 3.6 to 4.5 inches.


  • Twilight Max light management system
  • Specially coated lenses
  • Waterproof and fog proof construction
  • SFP reticle
  • Tactile adjustment turrets


Lack of parallax adjustment

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Verdict: So, which is better – Vxr or Vx3?

In this round we have to give it to the Leupold Vxr. The scope offers a high quality multi-coated glass that is ideal for use in a variety of weather conditions. The Vxr uses a proprietary index matched lens system for maximum light transmission. The large 30mm tube offers a wider range of adjustment of 60 MOA. Overall, we liked a lot the fiber optically illuminated dot that centers your vision for better target acquisition. Most of the other differences like glass quality are very similar to the Vx3i.


What makes the Vxr reticle exceptional?

The scope comes with an optimally illuminated center dot that replaces the commonly used duplex reticle. With the dot, users are capable of center their vision and this offers for fast and easier target acquisition.

Can I use the Vx3 in low light conditions?

The Vx3 comes with diamond coat 2 finishing and it is also uses Leupold proprietary twilight max light management system that ensures reduced glare and maximum light transmission


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