Zeiss vs. Swarovski riflescopes – Which is more reliable?

Zeiss vs. Swarovski riflescopes

If you plan on do some hunting on expansive grounds then you need a scope that will deliver excellent optics so that you do not miss your shot. In this category, we have the Zeiss and Swarovski riflescopes, which offer the best of quality in terms of optics.

Riflescopes are an essential component of your hunting gear. They provide you with magnification so that you can see far way objects. The reality is that the quality of the scope maybe more important than the rifle.

In this regards, the market has a wide variety of scopes each tailored for specific segment. Whether you plan on competitive shooting or hunt for deer’s in the woods, your choice of scope is very important. In this review, we check out two brands – Zeiss and Swarovski that have carved out a niche for themselves in the top tier market.

What are the differences between Zeiss and Swarovski riflescopes?

Zeiss (Victory V8 2.8-20X56)
Swarovski (Z8i 2.3-18X56P)
Effective lens diameter
Field of View
18.6-2.3m ( this offers a larger FOA which is great for long range hunts)
Eye Relief
3.74” (95mm)
3.74” (95mm)
Central tube diameter
30mm ( the automatic illumination on/off feature is very cool as it turns off whenever the rifle is placed in a vertical position that tilts more than 70 degrees)
Max vertical adj. (100m)
Light transmission
29.3 oz.
25.6 oz.

Zeiss vs. Swarovski riflescopes – How do they compare?


The turrets for both scopes are very different. The Zeiss Victory V8 locked turret that you raise whenever you want to correct a drop. It then locks itself after this. The Swarovski turret has to be locked manually. Incase you forget to do this you will find it has moved by itself. The Swarovski offers 70 clicks of 0.1 mil of adjustment while the Zeiss has 100 clicks of 0.1mil. This makes the Zeiss more precise for long ranges. Another great thing with the Swarovski is that you can take off the turret but you need to be careful not to compromise your 0. This adjustable turret puts the Swarovski in a class of its own.


When it comes to scope options the Swarovski has more models in its arsenal (24,42,50, and 56) while the Zeiss offers 24, 50, 56. The only downside is that the Swarovski 50 and 56 tend to have almost the same magnifications. The Zeiss scopes are more bulky due to their large 36mm tubes but are also shorter. The Swarovski scopes are longer but the tube is smaller at 30mm. In this regards, we will conclude the Swarovski scopes are more elegant than the Zeiss scopes.

Zeiss vs. Swarovski riflescopes – A Comparison Overview

Zeiss – Overview

Zeiss Victory V8 4.8-35X60 Riflescopes, Illiuminated Reticle #43 with ASV/BDC Turret for
  • Zeiss Victory V8 4. 8-35x60 Riflescope Reticle 43 ASV/BDC MPN 522149-9943-040

Zeiss scopes are marketed for the top tier segment. The scopes are built with precision and quality in mind and are the perfect addition to your hunting accessories. Zeiss is a company associated with Carl Zeiss who founded it in 1846 in Jena. For over 160 years, the company has been synonymous with high quality optics and Zeiss riflescopes testify to expert craftsmanship.

The Zeiss Victory V8 series is what you need to carter for all your hunting needs. The V8 has one of the smallest illuminated dot due to its reticule 60. The coverage on the 12X magnification is an impressive 0.55cm/100m. You can turn on/off the illumination control which is quite nice.

To enhance your hunting in the most extreme of conditions, the Zeiss victory V8 comes with ultra-FL concept that leverages on SCHOTT fluoride glass. This gives you 92% light transmission and the best of clarity and brightness. Also, you have Zeiss T coating for enhanced brightness. The Zeiss V8 comes with a lockable turret that has 10 interchangeable rings. The standard is a 0-100 click marks while the other 9 suitable for most hunting distances due to their recent calibers and trajectory combinations.


  • Standard 20X magnification and bullet drop compensation
  • Very versatile due to its reticle adjustment ranges and maximum zoom
  • ASV long range allows for large adjustment range
  • 92% light transmission
  • World’s finest illuminated dot


  • May not mount on some old rifles

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Swarovski riflescopes – Overview

Swarovski Z8i 2.3-18x56 - 4W-I 68405
  • Perfect for poor light conditions at twilight
  • Delivers a razor-sharp images
  • Precision over long distances
  • 4W-I Reticle

The Swarovski Z8i is a powerful all weather scope that comes with a 8X zoom range. This has been integrated into a 30mm central tube. You can use the scope on almost any type of rifle due to its versatile mounting options. That’s, not all. The Z8i comes with an innovative switchable 4A-IF reticle that gives the scope adaptability in a variety of situations. You can also switch from the 4A reticle or circle dot reticle during hunts.

You can switch its ballistic turret flex (BTF) on the sides or the top. The Z8i is available in two models (1-8X24 and 1.7-13X42). You can remove and attach the ballistic turrets through the simple press of a button. this means you can either use it for Windage or vertical adjustment.

The 8X zoom gives you accuracy without compromising on your field of view. To top up this ergonomical design the scope was toped up with slimline illumination system. The illuminated ring can be switched on/off at a press of a button. You can also configure the BTF using three separate rings at a single click. When you use it as a top turret you are capable of compensating for bullet drop while if you choose to use it as a side turret you can accommodate Windage adjustment or alternatively use it to estimate for lead distance. The scopes come with a cool automatic illumination feature that turns off the illumination when the rifle is tilted at a 70 or more angle. The illumination comes back on when you tilt rifle to vertical position.


  • Powerful 8X zoom
  • Switchable reticle 4A-IF
  • High accuracy with large Field of view
  • Slimline illumination system
  • Ability to set parallax free images


  • Quite expensive

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Verdict: So, Which is better: Zeiss or Swarovski riflescopes?

This is a very close, as both scopes are quite versatile and top quality. We were impressed by the Zeiss victory Z8 finest illuminated dot. However, we also liked the Swarovski Z8i flexible ballistic turrets that you can mount on the top and sides. It is this that makes the Swarovski our winner for this round. The riflescope also comes with in an elegant design that makes it ideal for almost all hunting conditions.


Does the Swarovski riflescope come with illumination?

Yes, it does. Above the scope are illumination controls that you can toggle in between day and night. This has been improved from what was there in the Z6i and you have this innovative automatic shut off illumination button. What this means is if you decide to tilt your rifle to an angle of 70 degrees vertically then it will automatically turn off. It will then turn itself back on when you level your rifle.

Which is the best place to use my Zeiss victory scope?

The combination of amazing magnification and zoom abilities makes the Zeiss scope ideal for long range hunting. The 36mm tube is quite accommodating for a variety of lenses and this gives the scope true long range capabilities.


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